God Bless The Beatles
Beatle Lyrical Game


"I know this song front and backward, like the back of my hand!" Or do you? Thats what GBB is about to find out! Welcome to one of our newest games called the Beatle Lyrical Game, the game that tests your knowledge of Beatle lyrics. This is a fun game that may tease your brain a little or you may pass with flying colors. Below, we have made a list of short phrases you might recall from a Beatle song. For each short phrase, try to guess which song it comes from. Some are easier than others. But how will you determine how you do? To see the correct answer, move your mouse over the icon next to the phrase. In seconds, the answer will pop up before you! This works with most computers, but if it doesn't work for you, let me know! Do your best, have fun, and no cheating! ;o)

"I can show you a better time."

'Drive My Car'

"Just can't go on anymore."

'I Need You'

"I might have looked the other way."

'I've Just Seen a Face'

"She'll miss her only one."


"Pride can hurt you too."

'She Loves You'

"Didn't anybody tell her?"

'She Came In Through the Bathroom Window'

"You have changed your mind."

'The Night Before'

"So I sing a song of love."


"I notice it's turning."

'While My Guitar Gently Weeps"

"Would only feel the same."

"This Boy"

"Drank a cup, and looking up."

"A Day In The Life"

"I'll always be true."

'All My Loving'

"Satisfaction guarenteed."

'Magical Mystery Tour'

"I'm always thinking of you."

'Ask Me Why'

"Until I come back to your side."


"If you take a walk."


"Open up your eyes now."

'Tell Me What You See'

"Lock the chambers!"

'Yellow Submarine'

"Where do they all belong?"

'Eleanor Rigby'

"You can't see me."

"Your Bird Can Sing"


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