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I have met a lot of people in my life - friends that come and friends that go. But there is one person who has always been there and I consider her one of the fabbest people in the world: my best friend ABBY. Abby is without question, the funniest, craziest and most fashionable chick I've ever known! She can always make me laugh, and smile when I'm feeling blue. Abby was the one who introduced me to the Beatles in the first place! So if you visit this site on any kind of regularity, you all owe it to Ab! If not for her, I most likely would never seen the *beauty* of the Beatles, thus *GBB* would not exist (!). I met Abby through my sister, Jenny. She was good friends with Abby, and I don't remember precisely where and when we met but I believe I was in 4th grade. Well, I'm a sophmore in highschool now so that was 7 years ago! With me in Texas and Abby in Florida, one would think we would loose contact with one another. After all, we've lived apart for 5 years! But through the help of phone calls, letters, and email, we're still as close as ever! And every vacation I get off school, it's straight to Florida! Christmas, springbreak, and entire summers (2 months!).
One of the coolest things about Abby is how similar we two are! We like the same kind of guys, bands, make-up, fashion, shows, expressions, comedians, movies, hobbies, and many more. We also hate the same kind of stuff that WAY too many people like: for example, Harry Potter, Lord of the Rings, the '80s, science fiction, boy bands, etc. Notice how I said "many people like"? Chances are, everyone reading this DOES like at least one of those things as they are pretty popular in our society today. But that's perfectly fine with me, different strokes for different folks. I'm not bashing those things: simply stating I don't like them (the only reason I bother to mention this is due to a certain handful of idiots who get "offended" by my dislike to something THEY like. Riiiight, get a life).
One particular thing (besides the Beatles) that Abby and I are very keen on is our ever-lasting love for modelling. We *love* photographing eachother, in our little shoots. Generally, all our shoots have a theme. As you might have seen, there was the "Twiggy" shoot, the "Swinger" shoot, and even an "Audrey" (Hepburn) shoot but I haven't scanned those yet. Yeah, a little bit of a '60s pattern going on there. But thats because we both adore '60s fashion + make-up.

This little portion of the site is dedicated with love to my best friend in the whole world Abby! Thanks for everything, girl!


She is gonna KILL me for using this one but I think it shows her hilarious sense of humour!








The following are some actual photos I scanned and played with on PhotoShop. They are pretty fab and all those other pimply teenage hyperboles. Enjoy!

*Abby in the Sky With Diamonds*