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Hi everybody! On this page, you will find all the updates for the previous month. If you keep up with the site and visit often, here's an easy way to see whats new. Should you have gone on vacation or not visited in a while, this is where you'll find what you missed. We used to post over a week's worth of updates on the mainpage but its beginning to make the Home page looked cluttered. You will still find three days worth of updates on the front page but the rest will go here.


 The Vault ~ Extremely rare pictures I scanned myself (every last one). If you take them for your site, I'll tazor you.
 Beatle Tours ~ New fabulous attraction.
 ps. I sincerely apologize for all these fucking pop-ups and sidebars Tripod has been so darling to clutter up my web-site with. They're beyond my control.
 Traffic Saftey ~ I'm not sure whether you've heard or not, but our lovely Ms. Mills has signed up to start doing public service announcements, regarding traffic saftey. True story. I caught an unreleased ad, and just thought I'd share...
Martha, the Insult Dog ~ New page. Hollaaa.
 I'm currently in the works of adding new content and features, so be on the look out for updates to come. The only newness to report is our fabulous main page makeover (haha, farewell to the Christmas layout) and a new journal for you to divulge. Peace.




When the Lennons' hire a live-in Spanish beau to care for Julian, no one would suspect what taunted romance comes with the autumn.


Who could forget the VH1 TV Movie "Two of Us"? With a long-drawn out script that focused on an imaginary reunion of John Lennon and Paul McCartney, the made-for-TV-movie is notoriously lovable within its suckiness. Aidan Quinn is cast the role of Paul McCartney, crappy wig, New York accent and all. While on the other foot, Jared Harris (AKA The Troll) plays a buck-toothed Lennon with a sassy attitude and odd sense of humor (ie. kissing Paul in the elevator?). Somehow or another, the little Troll himself snuck into this very web-site! He's scampering about as we speak, hybernating on one of the many pages (we're not sure where). And he's left us this clue: "Aye, if ye wish to find me, I'll be in the depths of something very WRONG." Now its up to you! Find the troll and win his buried treasure...