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"Her hair of floating sky is
shimmering glimmering in the sun."
From the song 'Julia' by John Lennon


In our page "Making Faces", you learned many creative ways of applying make-up like your favorite Beatle girl. But do you find yourself missing something? Are you looking for that final touch that will trully capture the Beatle girl *look*? Well now, you've found it! This page is made for anyone interested in getting a swinging Beat-chick do. We'll show you the different looks the girls wore, and hair coloring samples if you'de like to dye your hair too. Also, you'll learn many tips, tricks, and advice that will help you select which "do" is right for you, and coloring too. If you've ever considered dying your hair like one of the Beatle girls, there are a few things you'll need to know before making any drastic changes. This page will fill you in on all the hair secrets, and teach you all you need to know before going to your local saloon. This, my friends, is Hair of floating Sky.

Choosing A "Do" That's Right For You

Let's face it: All of the Beatle girls had long hair. It must have been a fetish of those lads because both ex's and currents had lavishly, long hair. But they each had their own style and look with their long locks. If you have short hair, it can take up to a year to grow it the right length. Even still, everyone's hair grows at different speeds so it may be faster than you think. If your one of those girls who want to grow it out from short hair, remember to take care of your hair! Have it trimmed every now and then so your not growing split ends. Wash your hair every (or every other) day to prevent it from being oily. And the most important factor is patience! It can be a long process but once it gets to your ideal length, it'll all be worth it. For those of you with loooong hair (and I'm talkin' about some serious hippie length hair), all it takes is one short trip to the hair dresser to get it cut to the proper Beat-chick length. Lucky you! Let's look at some styles:



Locks of giant curls drooping over the shoulders is quaint and elegant. Pattie Boyd pulled off this look in 1970 along with her thinnly tweazed eyebrows and sultry, dark lips. This "do" is classy, sassy, and beautiful. All it takes is a medium curling iron and a bottle of hairspray to acheive.


Who could resist this Pattie Boyd favorite? Its a loosely done bubble flip, topped off with a high "hump" in the back and long floppy bangs. This was Pattie's signature "do" that gave her a cute and perky essence about her. Look at how high the back was teased. Pattie would back-comb the top to make it "taller" which was the LOOK and finish it off with a touch of hairspray. She let the bottom of her hair sit in curlers until it dried to create the cheeky flip. Mod to the core! This mod "do" is for someone trying to obtain a youthful, cutesy look.


Here is a frontal view of the adorable flip. It just goes to show that even an innocent haircut like this can go sexy with a touch of make-up and tasteful mannerism.


This is the 3/4 length profile of the same look. One important thing to observe when getting this haircut are your bangs. They should be long in front, and slightly longer on the sides. Also, take a look at where her bangs begin. They start rather high up, not anywhere near her forehead.


Pattie alla` 1966! This long, straight haircut is jazzed up by the long bangs all brushed to one side in a sassy, enticing fashion. Note how the bangs are longer on the side than in the middle. Pattie wore this look on her honeymoon but you can wear it everyday as a casual and charming "do".


These tightly wound curls are bouncy, swingin', and "delicious"! Instead of having massive heaps of curls about her, Pattie keeps these curls tight and intact, hanging in long, luscious locks. She also has kept the sweety-girl bangs to keep her look cute and fun.


As opposed to the girly bangs of '64, Pattie takes on this new fab style. To accompany her long, cascading hair, she wears her bangs long on each side, parted in the middle. They reach to the end of her chin so they frame her face, gently. This look is dolly and gear rolled into one.


Jane Asher looks just gorgeous with this sophisticated, swept back hair-do. The secret is a hint of layers to create more body and fullness. She has her long bangs swept back in a stylish physique. Very happening.


Now this precious "do" does in fact differ from Pattie Boyd's signature flip. Jane leaves her hair hanging straight with no flip. Also, observe the length of her bangs and where they start. They are not quite as long as Pattie's. Instead of creating a full, high "hump", Jane brushes the rest of her hair (from the crown) back. This is stylish and go-go.

The colors, baby, the colors!

Coloring your hair is a big step, which is why it shouldn't be taken lightly. If only it were as simple as picking out a color and saying, "I want that!" Unfortunantly, we all have different flesh tones that go well with certain colors, but not all colors. So when you view these images in search of something for you, PLEASE consider your natural skin color. I've seen some fake blondes that can really pull it off, and then I've seen some fake blondes that look abosultely FAKE. Use your better judgement and ask your hairdresser if the color is right for you. If you have a dark sporty tan, thats fab, doll! But if you dye your hair Jane Asher red, don't expect to look like her. Jane had very fair, milky white skin, with her vividly bright orange hair. For those of you looking to go blonde like Pattie or Cynthia, be sure to select just the right color blonde. What other words of wisdom can I offer you? Well, let me tell you from experience that all colors have their ups and downs. When my hair was Jane Asher red, it looked just beautiful. But it seriously cut down what I could wear. Certain colors just contrasted poorly to my hair, and looked awful on me. I couldn't wear purple! And green just looked "grotty". When I wore pink, I looked like a Barbie doll. If you plan on dying your hair blonde and you have naturally dark hair, you are burden with the responsibility of dying your roots every couple of weeks. To avoid this, you do have the option of VERY thick blonde highlights but I recommend ALL BLONDE (the real deal). Anything else? My other suggestion to those of you who want to dye your hair is to have it done PROFESSIONALLY. I can't stress that enough! These people who try doing it themselves 95% of the time don't get the expected results. So PLEASE go to a salon to have your hair done. I'd like to say that I haven't told you all this to discourage you from getting your hair dyed! This is here simply to keep you aware of the responsibilities that go along with dying your hair. As I said, it is a big step but a very fun one. Here are some good color pictures that show off the various Beatle-girl hair coloring. You can print out the picture of the color you most desire so you can share it with your hair-dyer. Have fun!