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All you need to know about *God Bless the Beatles*

The Purpose of This Web-Site

My main reason for making this web-site is to entertain fellow Beatle fans. I do not make ANY money off this site, it is for entertainment purposes only.

Creditting Pictures

You might have noticed that this web-site contains 1000s upon 1000s of images. These pictures have been saved, scanned by me, or used with permission. I do not think it is right for someone to steal someone else's pictures. Thus, I have made a point of asking permission first before I take anyone else's pictures. Pictures used from other web-sites will credit the author of the site, and link directly back to their page. If I have taken any pictures from YOUR page and have NOT linked you, PLEASE contact me. If you wish me to remove the images, I will. But if you don't mind them here as long as there's a link to you, thats cool too. I apologize if thats the case with anyone; I try very hard to keep up with where all the images come from.

Using My Pictures

Lawfully, I do not own copyrights to any of the Beatle images shown on this web-site nor do I claim those rights. However, I do personally take the time to scan many of the pictures you see on this site. It takes a lot of time, effort, and money to do so. That is why I ask you please do not use pictures from this web-site. Even though the pictures aren't "mine", I still spent a lot of time accessing them to this page. If you ask me nicely, I probably won't mind you using them. You can even credit and link my site, which will prevent any problems in my book. But I request you not STEAL the pictures you see here. Just ask me first :)

Conduct of This Page

I began the site by keeping it pure, and innocent to attract viewers of all ages. Over time, the site has matured a little. You might have noticed *slight* uses of language here and there but nothing terribly bad. This site may have contented subjects like "Up Close and Personal" but one thing we do not host is pornography! You will not see any of that filth on here...EVER! I still believe this page to be suitable for most ages (12+). If you are offended by anything you see or read, please let me know! I'm not trying to offend anyone, I'm usually just joking.

Agreements and Such

This page is in assosciation with "Restless Wind" (http://rwbeatles.tripod.com) whereas we both allow one another to use eachother's pictures and ideas. HOWEVER, I do not make this deal with many other folks. So I encourage all you web-builders to come up with your own ideas and not feed on mine. I've seem a number of sites copy very creative ideas of mine and its not very cool. Just be creative!


This web-site in no way has any connections to the Beatles, John Lennon, Paul McCartney, George Harrison, Ringo Starr, Apple Inc., etc! We do not represent them (obviously); we just talk about 'em!

*Thoughts to Consider*

99% of the folks who come to this site have a grand ol' time, and enjoy the witty humor. We're happy to put a smile on your face :) But then, there is that obsessively critical, have-nothing-better-to-do-than-complain, bitterly crude 1% and you know who you are. Its perfectly okay with me if you don't like something on this site. Its even nicer to read your comments on how to improve what needs improvement. But whats not okay is reading these nasty messages posted by big-time Heather Mills fans on how they are so "offended" and how I'm such a "nasty and conceited" person. LOL! This web-site represents my personal views and opinions on Beatle people and Beatle issues in certain pages. I'm entitled to speak my mind as much as I want, and my pages can be as partial, bias, and opinionated as I like it to be. Generally speaking, you'll find yourself agreeing with a lot of my thoughts. If you think the Beatles are sexy and Heather Mills is a naive gold-digger, HEY, you're in good company. If you don't, thats cool. Different strokes for different folks. But let us not be so critical about disagreeing! Nothing, I guarentee NOTHING on this web-site is SO controversial that ANYONE should be offended by it. This is a fun, and wacky site meant for fun and wacky Beatle fans! With that being said, I hope the rest of you enjoy your stay here and get a good larf. As for the evil 1%, I hope you can learn to voice your opinions a little more...intelligently. Cheers!

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Thank you for taking the time to read our Disclaimer.