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Its time to play Wheel-of-Beatles! Ever wonder which Beatle would have been perfect for you? In some cases, a girl's favourite Beatle may not have been her ideal match. Well this game is here to set it straight, which boy would have been best for you! Sometimes, its your favourite. Other times, its not! You might be surprised to discover which Beatle would have made a better lover for you but thats the fun of it all! Here's how to play:
STEP #1. You'll need a scratch piece of paper to scribble down your answers. Do not try and remember them because it will get too confusing near the end. Answer all of the questions below and DO NOT scroll down to the bottom of the page (ya can't cheat when your trying to discover fate!). After you have finished answering the questions, you will be given further instructions to follow.

1) Do you like sugar in your coffee or tea?
If you do, write down the letter 'C' for your answer to number one. If not, do not write anything by number one.

2) What characteristic do you like in a guy?
(You may only choose one answer)
A. Spontanious
B. Cuddly
C. Shy
D. Honest
E. Sensative

3) How many children would you like to have?
A. Two
B. Three
C. One
D. Four
E. None

4) Would you be a housewife for your lover, and not pursue any career you have in mind?
If so, answer the letter 'D' next to number four. If not, do not put any letter next to number four.

5) What interests you most?
(Answer only one)
A. Poetry
B. Science Fiction
C. Cars / Drive-in Movies
D. the Symphony
E. Art

6) Would you pose in the raw if your lover wanted to paint you in a portrait?
If so, mark the letter 'E' next to number six. If not, do not write anything by number six.

7) I like a guy who could...
(Answer only one)
A. Scream and let his heart out in a song.
B. Act very well in movies.
C. By me a big home, and settle privately alone with me.
D. Tour the world, and bring me along!
E. Be inspired by me, and just enjoy being around me, wherever we are together.

8) "I would rather be the one in control of the relationship with my Beatle lover." True or False.
If it is true, mark the letter 'A' next to number eight. If the answer is false, do not write anything next to number ten (are you catching on to the routine?).

9) "Even if my husband began using drugs and alcohol dangerously, I would stick with him and help him through it." True or False.
If the answer is True, mark the letter 'B' next to number nine. If your answer is false, do not write anything next to number nine.

10) My idea of a good time is...
(Answer only one)
A. Making home movies with my man.
B. Dancing at the nearest pub.
C. Kissing in public!
D. Shopping with my man.
E. A romantic movie in French (even if you don't speak it).

STEP #2: By now, you have completed the questions. Congratulations! Easy, right? On some of them, you might have been a little eerie to what relevance they have to a Beatle lover. But trust me, all questions are researched and proven! Each one will help us determine which Beatle would have been good for you. Well, whether you're ready or not, its time to face the wheel! Yes, the Wheel-of-Beatles! There is no spinning involved for the wheel. Instead, the next step is to count the number of each letter you have marked. For example, you may count 4 letter 'A's, etc. Now, determine which letter you answered most often. Which letter was it? This is the letter that will lead to your fate! Because you are now approaching the wheel (scroll down). There it is! Find your letter on the wheel, and it will tell you which Beatle would have been yo' baby! Ta-da! Was it your favourite? Are you surprised? Thats what you get when you play the Wheel-Of-Beatles! Congratulations with your man.