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In the 1960s, Beatlemania took the world by surprise and teenage girls around the world were galvanized by this fab band, the Beatles. Because the band played in so many locations (the US, Japan, Australia, the Phillipines, etc.), many international chicks had the opportunity of watching a concert and seeing the boys in person. How magical! There are few teenagers today who will ever meet the boys, moreless see them perform. Maybe only in our adolescent dreams will we ever meet Paul, George, or Ringo. But I have had the priveledge of meeting people who did in fact, meet the lads. I've read interesting stories written by girls who met them. And I've met several folks with very interesting encouters. Its being at the right place at the right time. These are a couple stories I've dug up from chicks and their encounter with the Beatles. Sit back, and be facinated...

"Apple Scruffs"
By: George Harrison

I've watched you sitting there-
Seen the passers by all stare-
Like you have no place to go but there's
so much they don't know about Apple Scruffs

You've been stood around for years
Seen my smiles and touched my tears
And how it's been a long long time, and how
You've been on my mind my Apple Scruffs.

Apple Scruffs - Apple scruffs
How I love you - How I love you.

In the fog and in the rain
Through the pleasure and the pain
On the step outside you stand
With your flowers in your hands Apple Scruffs

Though the years they come and go
But your love must surely show me
That beyond all time and space
We're together face to face my Apple Scruffs.

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The author of this story is unknown but the story is true. Editors Note: We don't think Dhani is snotty at all! Sexy bastard...

I actually had an indirect brush with George Harrison through his son Dhani. E and I were driving around the East Side one day and I came to a stop sign. I stopped, looked both ways, and noting that the coast was clear, I proceeded forward. The second I hit the gas, this annoying, punky kid jumped out in front of the car. I almost hit him. He laughed at me and walked merrily along. It turns out that this punky kid was in fact, Dhani. I know this because E had previously 'interacted' with him while working for the Brown University Computer Area as a Consultant. Apparenty, he was a regular there, making demands and acting generally spoiled. But still, the idea that I came so close to Geroge Harrison's DNA was a little more than exciting. I mean, it's George Harrison a Beatle! And, for anyone in the creative realm, the Beatles represent the idea of being able to change the cultural meme through your talent. To make a lasting impression and actually help shape the medium for future generations. And that's just cool.

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This true story comes from a series of stories and emails I have recieved from my bud, Rori Shapiro. As you might have learned already, Rori attended LIPA, a music college owned by Sir Paul himself. She has had many funny stories and expiriences from LIPA, but mostly from Paul encounters! This is one of the many, exclusive to *GBB*. If you like what you read, help yourself to the links at the bottom of the page. They lead directly to other LIPA stories by Rori, herself!

About a month or so after I had met him the
first time he was back at LIPA doing a master class
for some of the 3rd year students. Well my band and I
were due to play the Cavern Club the next day so we
were rehearsing. Anyway, he popped in and told us it
sounded good.(thank you sir) But he realized who I was
and said, 'Oh it's the Hofner girl'. Which is how I
got my nickname! But he left and went to teach his
little class. The funny thing with the recording
studios at LIPA is that they get very hot and stuffy,
So all day long Paul kept taking off his clothes! He
came there in the morning in a full suit and the
gradually took things off! Eventually he was down to
his undershirt and pants!! Very funnny! He's so damn
thin! Anyway, I was taking a break in the atrium,
actually I was sprawled across the floor. And he
walked past me and stepped on me by accident. Well I
didni't realize it was him, so I said, "Thanks a lot
asshole." Then he says, "Oh, sorry, but I have to use
the toilet y'see." I was like, "Uh, oh sure you go
right ahead." Then he went off snapping his fingers
and dancing down the hall! Of course when he came
back he made a big deal about avoiding me. He's such
a ham. So later I went down to the bar and he was
there with his personal assistant John, who was on the
phone with Heather Mills. So I went up the bar and
accidentaly stepped on his foot, so of course he
thought I had done it on purpose. And he made fun of
me. The really great thing, was that there was NO ONE
at school that day, so I had him all to myself. And
most of the teachers were pretending they were way to
cool to talk to Paul McCartney! Anyways, he asked me
if I wanted a drink and I was like sure I'll have a
water. He turns around and goes "Water? Water? Where
are you from?" He was making fun of my American
accent. I was like listen "You shouldn't be making fun
of accents!" But I told him I was from Connecticut,
and that I lived a half hour away from NYC. So he
goes, "Oh we have to drink watar in NYC?" making fun
of my accent! I told him to shut up. Then he told me
he was going to NYC the next day, so I told him to be
sure to drink lots of the water in NYC! He laughed.
Then we talked about TV and what he did over the
weekend, which was basically watching lots of TV!!
He's really a nice guy! Then here's the best
part...he was talking to me about something, which I
can't remember, because I was too busy watching him
adjust himself! I was like, whoa! Maybe you should
go to the gents room and do that!

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In the beginning of August this summer on a Sunday afternoon, I was in Wendy's eating lunch with my family. I was facing the large windows in the front of the restaurant. A new black VW Beetle drove in to the driveway. Naturally, my 9 year old sister punched me and yelled "PUNCH BUG!". So I then looked to see who would get out of the car. A balding man got out so I turned away in dissapointment, "Oh, it's just some old guy" I thought. Then I looked back trying to process all the information in my head--balding, brown hair, earring, cross necklace, orthropedic nike's--Oh my God! That's Ringo Starr! He walked into Wendy's quickly, relieved that hardly anyone was there. I decided then that I needed more Ketchup. I walked up to the Ketchup machine thing to get closer. I heard the "Ringo man" asking the cashier in a beautiful rich Liverpudlian accent for directions to some hotel (I cant remember which one). I stood there gawking at him, too nervous to speak. I looked away for a second to get my ketchup, and he was gone! :*o( Interesting how things happen, eh?

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*NOTE: A long time ago, I got an email from a lass who told me about her encounter. This must have been three or four years ago. She told me I was welcome to use it on the site I planned on building, but as time passed by, I lost the email and the woman's name. But I still remember her distinct story and here it is, re-written by me from my memory by the unknown author whom we'll call Diane.

I was going to a Beatle concert back in the earlier 1960s ('64 or '65) and I was very excited about it. At the time, my favourite Beatle was Paul McCartney. I was head over heels over this adorable guy. Actually, I was going to the show with a group that was to be chaperoned. We went to the concert hall early to beat the giant crowd. But even as early as we arrived, the place was packed with weeping girls in hysteria and others in excitement. Our group found our seats, and I can remember waiting in my chair, more excited than I had ever been. It was only minutes before the show began and the Beatles would bless the stage by their presense. Our group was getting all excited! It was about then that my sister tapped my shoulder and said, "I need to go to the bathroom." I groaned, impatiently. I didn't want to leave my seat for I knew they would be there very soon. But my little sister was insistant I take her, leaving me no other choice but to leave our seats. We walked down the aisle and wandered around in search or the corridor leading to a bathroom. We must have gotten lost, somehow and I remember being in a hallway looking around for a bathroom. Suddenly, it happened. Down the hallway, across from us stood George and Ringo! I couldn't believe my eyes! They were standing there, talking, and waiting for the time to come when they would start the concert. I stood there in awe, speachless. It was George Harrison and Ringo Starr. I watched them in facination when George turned to look at me. His eyes widened, probably in fear, but he looked so gorgeous. Only a second later, some man went over to the boys and shooed them back into another room. My sister and I ran back to our seats (she must have forgotten she had to go to the bathroom) and minutes later the concert began. From that moment on, George became my favourite Beatle. It is amazing how much more handsome he is in real life than in the pictures.
-Unknown Author

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*NOTE: I met Suzie face-to-face when she told me about her experience meeting the Beatles. I have again reproduced her story myself, from what I remember her saying. Suzie is actually my best friend, Abby's father's 'steady'. They are not married but they live together. Here is her fantastic story:

In 1964, the Beatles came to New York for their debut appearance on the Ed Sullivan Show. I must have been 19 at the time, still young and pretty, and I was gonna go to the show with a girlfriend of mine. Well we were pretty excited about it, being that we had tickets and everything was ready to happen. We got to dance and have fun at the show. It was a real blast! Afterwards, my friend and I just had to meet them. So we headed over backstage and began flirting with the boy's roadie, Mal Evans. We sorta sweet talked him a little and he asked if we wanted to go to a party for the guys. We accepted happily, and got to meet the boys at the party. I said, "Hi, my name is Suzie." And shook all of their hands. They each said 'Hi Suzie' and it was great! They were so handsome back then.
In the late '60s, I had another encounter. My boyfriend and I went to a club where people were dancing and just having a good time. It might have been in London. Little to my knowledge that John Lennon and Paul McCartney were there! After a while, I decided to go to the bathroom and casually walked into the ladies room. Afterwards, as I was washing my hands, a girl ran into the bathroom, spotted me, and came my way. She was out-of-breath and obviously excited! "Oh my gosh!" she panted. "John Lennon just said you have a hot @ss!" I was stunned! I couldn't believe it. I walked out of the room, and there, I finally saw John and Paul having a couple drinks. I thought of talking to John, but decided not to. After all, I did have a boyfriend with me.

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Got a story to tell? Email me your encounter and I will post it on this page! All true stories are welcome.