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"You should have been there!"
Take a moment to imagine you're in a record shop, 1966, and browsing through some fab albums. The front door opens, triggering off a cheery set of bells (attached to the handle), allerting that someone has enterred. You're too busy rummaging through albums to turn around and see the new-comer but he surely sees you. Quietly in a corner, he stands holding a handful of records but his eyes are fixated on YOU. Just as you're about to leave, the chap galvanizes the courage to strike up a conversation. "Excuse me, miss?" he calls out. You casually turn around and there he is: your favorite Beatle. And Lordy Lordy, does he ever look sexy?! Confident but shy at the same time, he begins some chit-chat with you. He's very flirtatious and VERY handsome. And then, the moment arrives. He asks you out! Of CORSE, you say yes, exchange phone numbers, and part your seperate ways. Three nights later, he's standing on your door-step with a bouquet of roses. You have spent hours preparing for this big night (and maybe even longer wondering what you two will be off doing on this enchanting evening). Greeting him at the entry way, you excitedly ask, "So where are we headed tonight?" He smiles, so charmingly, and says, "I've left it all up to YOU to decide!" Well sweety, this is your big chance. One magical night with your favorite Beatle and the choice is all yours! This could be your only date, or maybe the first of many. But assuming it was your one and only, what would YOU do?
The Options:

1) To the Theater! Drive-In Movies are always fun.

2) A Mid-Night Swim w/ the Boys.

3) Let's Go Cuddle in Bed.

4) A romantic walk on the beach.

5) Dancing!

6) A Drive in the Beatle-Mobile!

7) Horse-Back Riding

8) Oh my, oh me! A little *more* than cuddling? :)

9) Sailing the sea with the lads!

10) A romantic dinner for two.

Your Magical Date
Where would you like to go on your magical evening?

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