God Bless The Beatles
Your Slutty Score:
Fun For All!
*GBB* International
The Slice of Pie Alliance
Autumn of the Iris
Yesterday and Today (Updates)


 For each answer you selected, jot down the number of points...
Multiple Choice Answers
1) Your idea of a good Beatle read:
a. 2
b. 1 
c. 3
d. 4
2) You are more likely to rewind and rewatch:
a. 4
b. 2
c. 3
d. 1
3) Out of these, which is your most favored *GBB* page:
a. 1
b. 4
c. 3
d. 2
4) You hear a Beatle song at your local grocery store. How are you more likely to respond:
a. 4
b. 3
c. 2
d. 1
5) Your favorite thing about the Beatles in ALL:
a. 1
b. 2
c. 3
d. 4
True or False
If you answered True...
1) 3
2) 2
3) 4
4) 4
5) 3
Record 0 points for any of statements that you answered as False.
Now add the sum of all your answer points...


Use your TOTAL score to determine where you rank in the classes of Beatle Sluts...
27-36 POINTS: Beatle Slut Extroadinaire!
Congratulations! You have what it takes to be on ToP. This score proves your a natural Francie Schwartz...and in this instance, take it as a compliment. Yes, you're one of us beautiful people now...
18-26 POINTS: Honorary Beatle Skank!
Great Job! Honorary Beatle Skanks enjoy a good topless Beatle every now and then and might have the occassional Beatle dream. You have earned this fab title, which grant you, is NO Beatle Slut, but pretty darn close.
10-17 POINTS: Beatle Ho!
Nice work. You're not as slutty as I thought you were, but you still have the slut gene within. It comes out in rare but dramatic instances. Shine on!
0-9 POINTS: Beatle Virgin!
Boy, aren't you hanging out with the wrong crowd. When it comes to the lads, you are purely innocent, leading platonic fantasies and enjoying grade-A Beatle tunes. You're wholesome as far as the Beatles are concerned. Yeah, that's right, applaud ya' damn selves.
NOW! Upon request, I have created these snazzy banners to display on your own web-site. I just love taking those cute personal-quizzes, and then showing off the banner that suits me, so I'm hoping you do too. There is two of each category for you to choose from (and be honest!). Save them onto your computer and make them link to the Quiz URL. Ta!