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By Golly, you found it! You have discovered a Beatletopia like no other: The LOST STRAWBERRY FIELD. Congratulations! You should feel quite lucky because only the bravest most courageous souls stumble upon this secret spot. In this isolated area, lie a species of Beatles that were TOO SEXY to show anywhere else. Behold! The sexiness below!


What a delightful reward for your hard searching, is it not? Again, we congratulate your excellence! Superb work. Now, because this species of Beatle is so rare, we ask that you keep the location to the LOST STRAWBERRY FIELD a secret. Let everyone else find it for themselves and inwardly smile that you are better than them. But is that all? Most certainly not! All who have discovered the Lost Strawberry Field deserve something to show off to the world. So here it is, just for you. May I present you with this award:


Save the award to your computer and post it on your web-site.  Let everyone see your discovery and show it off! But remember to link it to *GBB* that way people can try finding this themselves (do NOT link it to this page). Again, you win my gratitude and my best regards! Thanks for playing!