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Couldn't get enough of me? Of corse you couldn't! This is Part Two to the Beatle Princess, Herself. The images on Part One were taking too long to load so I thought it would be easier to add another page. Here, you'll be able to enjoy ME on my many modelling escapades. Have a loverly time...

Have you permission to reproduce any images found on this page? NO. All pictures of me are MY COPYRIGHTS and may not be used without my strict permission. Ta.


1. First name: Sabrina
2. Middle name: Why, none, of corse. 
3. Last Name: Lennon
4. Nick Names: Breana, Brean, Sab, Sabbie, Sanibra, Sugar, Sabrino, and Pookie.
6. Age: 15
7. Sex: Female
8. Birthday: Early Auggie (I'm goin' on sweet 16!). 
9. Astro sign: LeO (ask Abby)
11. Pets: Caleb AKA The Pig. He's my pimpin' 132 lb. Akita. 
12. Hair Color: Dark brown, few sparse blonde highlights (of which I am trying to grow out so I can go totally blonde).
13. Eye Color: Naturally brown, but I wear PuRpLe contact lenses.
14. Hair Length: Medium (I'm growing it out, Pattie Boyd style). 
15. Do you find yourself attractive? Oh yeah, I'm dead sexy.
16. Do you find yourself ugly? ...no, can't say I do. I'm too sexy to be ugly (I'm modest too).
17. Do others find you attractive? Yes, I tend to think so. People often ask me if I'm a model and I get lots of compliments.
18. Do you have a g/f or b/f? Not at the moment, no.
19. Are you gay? Last time I checked, no.
20. Do you like jewelry? Diamonds are a girl's bestfriend, foo'. Of corse, I appreciate a gem or two. I wear rings everyday, in particular, a diamond Mickey-shaped ring which has much sentimental value behind it. 
21. Did you send this to your crush? If my crush ever visits this web-site, then I suppose so.
22. Where do you shop the most? Express, Rampage, Charolette Russe, Sephora, BCBG, and rich, high-society stores where I can never afford anything (Chanel, you broke my heart).
23. Do you think your fashion is cool? 'Ell yeah! I often dress TOO trendy for the occasion (ex. wearing false lashes, go-go boots, and minis...to school!). I love shoes and always match my shoes to my out-fits (color shoes/boots I own: black, white, black+white, plaid, red, pink, green, denim, baby blue, lavender, fuschia, dark purple). I like wearing MOD clothes too.
24. Do you have a tattoo? No, but I think they're sexy. I can totally dig a tattoo on a guy's arm or a chick's lower back/ankle/tummy. Me, myself, would never bare the pain but I surely don't hate tattoos. I'd like to get one of those cosmetic tattoos one day: permanent eyeliner (oOoOoOoOoO).
25. Do you do drugs? Yeah...Sudafed and NyQuil.
26. Do you drink? I'm waiting til I'm 21 (well, maybe 18) before I start experimenting with alcoholic beverages. Gotta try everything at least once, right?
27. Who are your best friends? Abby, Jenny, and Jody! My homies. LOL! Other close lov'ahs ~ Chris, Steven, Jamie, Cher, and Roxxie.
28 Who is your best friend online? No favorite but I enjoy corresponding with Jessi, Haley, Kimmy, Nicole, Rori (whenever she's around), Helen, Beth, Gemma, Nora, and Abby.
29. What kind of shampoo and conditioner do you use? I *LOVE* Biolage but currently, I am using Pantene Pro-V shampoo with Permasoft (no, I don't have a perm). Herbal Essences is nice but frankly, over-rated. 
30. What sport do you play? I play...swimming! Ha ha, I hate sports. Hate playin' 'em, hate watchin' 'em.
31. What are you most scared of? Insects. I *hate* bugs of all shapes and forms. Roaches, spiders, those giant mosquitoe looking things. Bleh! I even hate killing the bloody things (no pun intended).
32. How many phones are in your house? Around 5, I think.
33. How many TV's do you have in your house? One in absolutely every room. One of the four bathrooms has a fricken' TV!
34. What are you listening to right now? I can hear someone mowing their lawn. Its rather annoying.
35. Who are you talking to right now online? Thats a dumb question, since I dislike side-chatting. Either your chatting or your not. End of story. I can do two things at once but it bugs me cuz instead of working on one more than the other, I do them equally half-ass.
36. What time is it? Time for you to get a watch, my friend (oh snap!).
37. Do you have your own phone line? No, but I'm not much a phone-person anyway. I can talk to Abby for 4 hours at a time and I'll occassionally ring up Chris but thats it.
39. What shoes do you wear the most? My black, Cinderella/ballet looking flats with the cute little bow. 
40. What clothes do you sleep in? A black Victoria Secret nightie, you kinky bastards. 
41. Who is the last person who called you? Chris. He let me in on a big secret.
42. If you could change anything about yourself what would it be? I would be BLONDE! 
43. Who do you really hate? Stupid people. If you consider stupid people a race, then I'm racist. I'm sick to death of these arrogant, idiotic, no self-esteem, pampered, spoiled, self-hating idiots that take up WAY too much space on our planet. No, I'm not one of those annoying "I-hate-the-world-and-everyone-in-it" people but I just feel I'm constantly surrounded by too many less-than intelligent people.
44. Color? Pink.
45. Number? 49, because its almost 50. 
46. Pie? Chocolate silk pie.
47. Movie? At the moment, I am quite fond of "Bridget Jone's Diary", "Valley of the Dolls", and "Romy and Michele's High School Reunion". ("Well...I hope your babies...look like monkies!").
48. Candy? Baby Ruth and Twix.
49. Band? I'll let you decide on that one...
50. TV shows? "The Man Show", SNL, The Simpsons, Undeclared, The Daily Show, old '60s sitcoms or '60s related ("Laverne and Shirley" and "The Wonder Years"), and I enjoy many FOX shows (excluding the newer garbage they call comedy).
51. Food? Junk food. Fritos, macaroni, white chocolate, special coffee drinks, french fries, etc.
52. Fast food? Oh...oops. McDonalds is fab, but I also dig Chick'Fil'A and Taco Bell.
53. Girl names? Bridgette, Audrey, Shyla, and anything interesting. Sabrina. Thats a nice name...
54. Guy names? George! John and Paul are too common. Richard is too formal. George is hot.
55. Radio Stations? Oldies, folks. Good times, great oldies.
56. CD or Tape? Tape? What the hell's a tape? They still make those things?
57. Animal? Kangaroos are my passion (so cute!), as well as baby ducks and otters. Oo, and pugs!
58. Store? Hey, haven't we already determined this? O'righty, how's about...Sephora?
59. Scent? Chanel # 5, Baby Doll, and Obsession.
60. Ice Cream? Coffee, carmel, and cookies n' cream.
61. Teacher? Ms. Galmore. She's the coolest.
62. Games? Twister, LIFE, and anything ridiculously stupid-looking (those "Who's YOUR Mystery Date" games always looked fun).
63. Have you ever smoked? No, I happen to enjoy living, thank you.
67. Drank? Yes, I've had alcoholic apple cider once. Heh heh.
68. Got drunk? Unfortunately not, but I look foward to it.
69. Got dumped? Nah, sexy people don't get dumped.
70. Broke the law? ........................yeah, probably. But I'm quite innocent!
71. Ran from the cops? NO! Wait, actually....
72. Stole something? A bag of candy when I was little. I felt bad about it ever since. 
73. Tried to kill yourself? Yeah, with a plastic knife.
74. Made yourself throw up? Oh yeah, I'm quite bullemic, hadn't you noticed?
75. Been in Love? I think so, yes. Dale, I miss yoU!
76. Made yourself cry to get out of trouble? No, crying comes too easily to me for me to FORCE myself to.
77. Kissed someone? Yes, I kissed Johnny March 14, 2000 (my first kiss). 
78. Written a song? Actually, I found an old diary with a song or two written in it. I could still remember the tunes but the lyrics sucked. I think my favorite song I've ever written would have to be "Who the hell am I". Its rather pleasant... 
79. Vegatarian? No, forgive me, but I'm not. I am trying to stop eating red meat. I have NEVER eaten "unclean" meat (which comes from animals that will eat nearly anthing): pork, deer, duck, and seafood. Hate to inform you, folks, but a shrimp is nothing more than a sea-bug. You're eating an underwater roach. Buon Appetite!
80. Moved? Yes, I've lived in three different states and gone to 5 different schools. 
81. Make-up? Everyday of my life, folks!
82. Used fake cosmetic substances? Yeah, I really love false lashes (I have 7 different pairs), lip-plumpers, and professional tanning creams (ones that DON'T turn you orange).
83. Have you tonsils or appendix removed? No, all my organs are intact last time I checked. 
94. Hobbies? Modelling, photography, painting, drawing, make-up, building this web-site, email, and shopping. 
95. Best Book? "Elvis and Me" by Priscilla Presley
96. Worst Book? "Old Man and the Sea". Classic, my ass. More like waste-of-time, I-must-reach-a-quota-of-pages-so-I'll-let-the-main-character-talk-to-his-hand-for-10-chapters trite!
97. Do you like filling these out? Yes, they are quite entertaining. :o) 
98. Favorite Comedians? George Carlin, Denis Leary, and John Leguizamo.
99. Worst Comedians? Drew Carey, Molly Shannon, and most female comics (power to women, but they are often boring).
100. Any last words? Yes: boop boop be doop!

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Summer of 2001







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Baby You Can Drive My Car
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The Princess
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Photography: Laura and Jennifer









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