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How much do YOU love *God Bless the Beatles*? With over 15,000 hits in *GBB* one year existance, we thought it was about time for a quiz to determine how much our guests LOVE us. Are we conceited? Yes. Because this site rocks no matter what anyone thinks! Tons of pictures, tons of commentary, loads of humor and all, this is *God Bless the Beatles*. Now, its time to take the quiz! Are you obsessed? Are you in love? Or are you merely entertained? We're about to find out! Grab a pen and scratch paper, or for your lazy folks like me, pop up a Word Document and record your answers.

*Multiple Choice*

1) You read the words 'God Bless' in a chatroom. Whats the FIRST thing that clicks in your mind?
a. God Bless America, what a wonderful expression.
b. God bless you! Someone sneezed.
c. Bless your soul, God bless you.
d. Hey, I gotta go check out whats new @ GOD BLESS THE BEATLES!

2) Your shopping at your local mall, and browsing through the various clothing
when you find a very mod dress. You think to yourself...
a. Hey, didn't I see Pattie Boyd wearing something like this before? I love it!
b. Ooooh, I guess I'll get it if its in my price range.
c. Mod? I only buy garbage from Old Navy, the GAP (er, I mean the CRAP), and Abercombie and Fitch (er, I mean AberCRAPPY and B*tch).
d. Oh, that is totally '70s!

3) The first thing you do when you get home from school/work/college...
a. I throw off my shoes, slap on the couch and watch the tube.
b. Rush to bed and fall asleep.
c. I log-on to my computer, check my email and check out my Favorites list.
d. Screw email, I go straight to *GOD BLESS THE BEATLES*

4) How many of the following have you participated in: The 'Biggest' Poll, the Best smile poll, the Ultimate Beatles Survey, 'Power to the People' submission, Ask Heather a question, and signed the guestbook.
a. One
b. Two-Three
c. Four-Five
d. ALL OF THEM! Some of them, more than once!

5) How many times have you voted for *GBB* in the Top 50 Groovy Beatle Sites?
a. Whats the Top 50 Groovy Beatle Sites?
b. No, I haven't yet.
c. Sure! I've voted for it once.
d. How many times? Hey, I've lost track!

*True or False*

1) If you have a web-site, you have linked *GBB* (if you don't have a web-site, omit this question).
2) Also if you have a web-site, you have adopted one of our adopties.
3) You have tried out one of the make-up instructions on the page 'Making Faces'.
4) You visit *GBB* DAILY for your daily dossage of Beatle sexiness.
5) You have been inspired to try drawing your own Beatle picture.

6) You actually BOUGHT something from the Pattie Boyd Shop.
7) You have visited EVERY page! Including none-Beatle related ones like the Beatle Princess Herself, The Beauty of Blonde, Backbeat, and the Sexy List.
8) You've been inspired to make your own Beatle web-site.
9) You have read my first fan fiction 'This Boy'.
10) You are currently reading my new story, 'Hamburg Nights'.

11) You laugh at Heather Mills.
12) You think the Beatles are dead sexy.
13) You have recommended *GBB* to at least one friend.
14) *GBB* is 'bookmarked' or listed in your 'favorites'.
15) You have signed the George Memorial in 'Tragedy's Turn'.

16) You have actually THOUGHT about *GBB* when you weren't on your computer!
17) You have learned a thing or two about the Beatles from our site.
18) You used to visit the past three deleted *GBB*'s.
19) You actually have never checked out the Links page because you were too busy with all the other pages and didn't want to leave.
20) Your upset when you notice a day went by without an update.


1) D, + 1
2) A, + 2.
C, - 2.
D, You're an idiot.
3) B, Lazy Ass.
C, + 1.
D, + 3.
4) A, + 1
B, + 2
C, + 3
D, + 4
5) A, Where have you been?
B, Shame on you.
C, + 1
D, + 3


1) + 2
2) + 3
3) + 4
4) + 3
5) + 3

6) + 5
7) + 5
8) + 2
9) + 5
10)+ 4

11)+ 5
12)+ 3
13)+ 3
14)+ 2
15)+ 2

16)+ 4
17)+ 2
18)+ 3
19)+ 3
20)+ 3

Now, add your scores! Whip out a calculator or if your lazy like me (LOL), just pop up the "calculator" on your computer.


60-79 ~ You are an official GOD BLESS THE BEATLES Chick! This means you don't just love our site, you're freaking obsessed! WE LOVE YOU for it. You rule!

40-59 ~ You are in LOVE with *GBB*. You check out the updates often, enjoy the good humor, and have a jolly good time.

20-39 ~ Well you definitely enjoy the site! You visit now and again, sometimes regularly. We're happening, just not the hippie hippie shake.

0-19 ~ You're a Heather Mills fan. Get the hell out...just kidding! You could be a first timer, or a new Beatle fan. No but seriously, you're probably a Heather fan.


How did you do? Well whatever you got, CONGRATS! Here is your own certificate. Save it onto your computer and if you have a web-site, add it! Show it proud and make sure it links to: http://misslennon.tripod.com